Writing is in my blood. It's that one passion that ties together everything I do. I write fiction, I blog, I write scripts and screenplays and I do copywriting. Writing's how I think and how my imagination plays. But words are a raw ingredient. They can be beautiful in their natural state, but seasoning them with beautiful photography, music and performance takes them to new heights. I have a background in acting, presenting and professional photography, and I love bringing all of those skills together into stories worth telling and re-telling.


At the moment I'm working a series of episodic fiction. It's a supenatural mystery series called Shadows of Life.

Coming up is a novel about family, loss and avoiding repeats of history. It's called Fool's Gold. I'll be releasing more details soon, so make sure you're subscribed to my newsletter.

The Wayfinder

My partner Andi and I are currently wandering the British Isles as nomadic filmmakers. We find stories worth telling and travel to unearth the glorious details. The Wayfinder is our show about where we're going and what we're doing.

The Wayfinder — Original Stories for creative minds
We’re two digital nomads, roaming the world for stories to tell.

Freelance creative

As well as everything I do for myself, I also work as a freelance web designer, copywriter and film editor. If you'd like to work together, get in touch through my freelance site, Onward Studios.

Onward Studios | Web Design & Development Studio
We build unique web experiences that build audiences for your business. Are you ready to grow?