Hello there. I'm James. I'm an author and filmmaker, exploring the British Isles to find stories to tell. Here I write about fiction, travel, technology and being a human.

Latest Posts

Things aren't as bad as you think

The world seems full of hate and violence and awfulness of all hues these days. Except it’s not. Much of it’s only in our heads.

What Introverts Aren't

Speaking as a staunch introvert myself, here's what I've learned about what it means to be quiet in a world that loves to talk.

What Introverts Are

Last time I talked about what introverts aren't: the misconceptions that disadvantage the quieter portion of our population. Now on to what it does mean to be an introvert.

Two Years Gone

It was in the early hours of Sunday 14th October, two years ago, that I lost my father. The time following was an undiscovered country.

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